Thursday, 25 August 2011

The final final post

So I couldn't let Ali have the last post, and I've just checked it again and we've still had over 100 views today?!?!
Seriously guys - I know we're awesome, and this blog was entertaining, informational, and slightly arousing, but you're going to have to stop looking at it!

If you save up all your blogging anticipation, just think how good it will feel when you find the link to the official unofficial blog from Leszno 2013! It will be like eating meat, cake, ice cream and peanut butter all at the same time whilst a symphony of fireworks reach a crescendo in the background whilst you ride a silver unicorn over a lake full of enchanted narwhals and whale sized goldfish!
Seriously - it's going to be that good!

Until then, farewell sweet fans, it's been fun

Monday, 22 August 2011

End of a Brilliant Comp

Well this is it. I'm home now and I'm fairly sure Ben will be too in about an hour.

It's been a brilliant experience and Ben and I have met some life long friends. I realise that on many occasions we have been a little close to the mark, however, we have had some fantastic feedback from our readers as well as others that we have offended. If you are one of those that has not liked our blog then I apologise but for the interest of all those out there that did enjoy it you can look forward to more when we go out to Poland in 2013.

So this is it. I'm going to sign us out until next time where I'm sure many of you will be following our adventures again.

Love you, bye from Ali und Ben!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

I'm broken

Last night me and Ali decided skinny-dipping in the club paddling pool would be a good idea, but the bad news is that the wet grass outside the pool was slippery, and after a comedy slip I was in A&E until 5am and now have my arm in a cast. I'm currently typing this one handed and it's painfully slow. Good news is that they rang this morning and said it isn't broken, but everyone heard a crack so it could well be ligaments......

Friday, 19 August 2011

It's over!

Tim Kuijpers won club class much to the annoyance of the german's, and Felipe Levine won the standards. Don't know if I've spelt those names right but we've been busy derigging and have just arrived at chez Mad Dog so giving a quick update.
Don't know the final positions of our boys but go to

Benny's German Dad and some other pics

Whilst shopping the other day I found this life size cardboard cut out of Benny's long lost German father.

Benny und his Deuche Papa

The Maddock Pups

Me in the Aussie Glider just before launch to the surprise of Andy


Uber gross update and the loss of an All-star American Pilot/ Pisshead

Hello Peeps, morning to you all and apologise for the bad updating.

Yesterday we lost a man. A good man! It's just unfortunate that he has a mild drinking/ partying problem. Devin (Pilot of LT for this comp) has now left us so I feel it is now appropriate to put a picture up of him to say fair well and that he has had a good comp. It was just his after flying antics that has got him in trouble with his own Team here and at home.
To Devin.

As for last night, Ben and I finally managed to go to the Steak House, where I ask for JagerSchnitzel which wasn't on the menu but because it's one of my favourite meals they made it. Boom!

After we got back from our meal we were going to go to bed early. However, as per usual certain girls came along and it was as it always is, we stayed up. 

As for the weather here at Musbach, it has turned poo again. Windy, cloudy and just rubbish compared to the last few days. The set tasks will follow in due course when the boys are finished doing their maps etc.

Tonight is also the final party night and Ben and I have been asked to do the music and get the party going. Everyone seems to think we are always the centre for any mischief, like the other day when someone was messing around on the radio with music, they came straight to us. Have no idea why? But Ben and I have had previous success with some of the evenings here at Musbach so Axel must feel comfortable that tonight is going to be a good evening.

All I do know is that people who have finished or are currently reading Events Management at Uni, probably an old Poli, have no hope. Any old person can put on events. But I digress.

Anyway, here is the video from yesterday from Hubi.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

All back

All the boys are back, I think Tom is currently 2nd for the day. Here's the link to scores again

1F smoked the airfield so hopefully he'll get a penalty as he's above out guys