Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My side of the story

It started with us going back to yesterday before we went and played mini-golf next to the Australians house. Due to the fact that Andy was being annoying we decided the best course of action was to throw him in the Swiss Pool. I'm beginning to think the Swiss are having regrets bringing it.

Andy and his man handlers

 The splash

Andy and Benny lapping up the moment

 At the Mini golf Oli found his quiet place.

Ben Teeing off

Once we became bored of the invisible golf we found the childrens playground. Ben turned into Peado mode and found it hilarious to swing in the toddlers swing. Hence below.

 Ben in the kiddie swing

Andy in his new home

So after the golf etc we went back to chez Mad dog and watched some rubbish American programmes (How I met your Mother) and I was so tired that I was sent to bed by Andy picking me up and carrying me to his bed. I awoke 2 hours later with Chris, Canadian Team captain, naked cuddling me and the Mad dogs videoing it all. Brilliant! We then left to go to the International evening, we being me and the Aussies/ Canadians, and I was wearing the Aussie team shirt underneath my Brit jacket. It didn't take long before I whipped it out and caused a mini riot. I think it was this that stared the impressive shirt swapping as others were jealous.

I can't remember whether Ben informed you but shortly after arriving last night Axel, the Director, wanted me to be the DJ with some of my cheesy 80's classics. This was accompanied by gliding videos that Chopper was putting on the main projector so that was cool. Although apparently we had some complaints from some senior members of the organisation because it was thought that it may have encouraged lower finishes.
After playing music for 5 hours Some of the more drunk people, i.e. the French, started to become slightly rowdy and one decided he wanted t fight me. Apparently he didn't speak or understand my English because he was French, meanwhile he had been saying all of this in perfect English. What a dick. Anyway, I cant go on as there hasn't been any complaint made officially yet but will update you.

There were also some antics with certain foreigners again but I can definitely not write about those, although most people on site already know. All I can say is that being given a present from Daddy Davis as a pack of condoms gives it away a bit. And no Mum, I'm not going to be a Dad any time soon.

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