Saturday, 13 August 2011

Birthday splashes and comedy southern Germans

After finally getting chopper in the pool for his birthday splash, where he was acting like a crocodile doing the death role and we needed the help of an Aussie to through him in, we (most of the British team) went out to celebrate Uncle Chop Chop’s (aka Will Chappel) Birthday aswell as Matty’s. After much rejoicing at the site of comedy southern Germans dancing and having to show a passport in the pub to a bouncer to get a free, small, birthday bottle of sparkling wine, Ben and I were driven back to the campsite by Coxy and carried on drinking. Food was amazing and Ben and I danced to some pretty funky European music.

Once back at Musbach we, as always, headed straight to the bar. All I can say is that it was a good night of drinking, especially after the 1 litre beers at the pub, and I have been keeping up the foreign relations.

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