Thursday, 18 August 2011

Great night ends in Benny wetting himself

Last night was amazing, especially the beginning part where everyone brought their BBQ's to the front of the hangar and cooked together, which Ben has already highlighted. So here's a photo.

Cracking night!
I especially felt really happy when everyone was telling me what a good idea it was and what a good time they were having. So yeh, it was a success. This also enabled us to have all beers paid for, which in some cases was a bad idea....

Considering Ben has only just updated the blog he cunningly left out quite an important part. He woke up in a pool of his own urine. Some how he even managed to get his pillows wet. Is that even possible?
He is currently drying his airbed and bedding whilst waiting for the washing machine to be ready.
Again here's a photo we even have a potty for him now.

Potty needed for Ben

JUST IN: First launch not til 13:00 and someone is playing tunes over the radio station. Why is it always Top Gun?

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