Thursday, 25 August 2011

The final final post

So I couldn't let Ali have the last post, and I've just checked it again and we've still had over 100 views today?!?!
Seriously guys - I know we're awesome, and this blog was entertaining, informational, and slightly arousing, but you're going to have to stop looking at it!

If you save up all your blogging anticipation, just think how good it will feel when you find the link to the official unofficial blog from Leszno 2013! It will be like eating meat, cake, ice cream and peanut butter all at the same time whilst a symphony of fireworks reach a crescendo in the background whilst you ride a silver unicorn over a lake full of enchanted narwhals and whale sized goldfish!
Seriously - it's going to be that good!

Until then, farewell sweet fans, it's been fun

Monday, 22 August 2011

End of a Brilliant Comp

Well this is it. I'm home now and I'm fairly sure Ben will be too in about an hour.

It's been a brilliant experience and Ben and I have met some life long friends. I realise that on many occasions we have been a little close to the mark, however, we have had some fantastic feedback from our readers as well as others that we have offended. If you are one of those that has not liked our blog then I apologise but for the interest of all those out there that did enjoy it you can look forward to more when we go out to Poland in 2013.

So this is it. I'm going to sign us out until next time where I'm sure many of you will be following our adventures again.

Love you, bye from Ali und Ben!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

I'm broken

Last night me and Ali decided skinny-dipping in the club paddling pool would be a good idea, but the bad news is that the wet grass outside the pool was slippery, and after a comedy slip I was in A&E until 5am and now have my arm in a cast. I'm currently typing this one handed and it's painfully slow. Good news is that they rang this morning and said it isn't broken, but everyone heard a crack so it could well be ligaments......

Friday, 19 August 2011

It's over!

Tim Kuijpers won club class much to the annoyance of the german's, and Felipe Levine won the standards. Don't know if I've spelt those names right but we've been busy derigging and have just arrived at chez Mad Dog so giving a quick update.
Don't know the final positions of our boys but go to

Benny's German Dad and some other pics

Whilst shopping the other day I found this life size cardboard cut out of Benny's long lost German father.

Benny und his Deuche Papa

The Maddock Pups

Me in the Aussie Glider just before launch to the surprise of Andy


Uber gross update and the loss of an All-star American Pilot/ Pisshead

Hello Peeps, morning to you all and apologise for the bad updating.

Yesterday we lost a man. A good man! It's just unfortunate that he has a mild drinking/ partying problem. Devin (Pilot of LT for this comp) has now left us so I feel it is now appropriate to put a picture up of him to say fair well and that he has had a good comp. It was just his after flying antics that has got him in trouble with his own Team here and at home.
To Devin.

As for last night, Ben and I finally managed to go to the Steak House, where I ask for JagerSchnitzel which wasn't on the menu but because it's one of my favourite meals they made it. Boom!

After we got back from our meal we were going to go to bed early. However, as per usual certain girls came along and it was as it always is, we stayed up. 

As for the weather here at Musbach, it has turned poo again. Windy, cloudy and just rubbish compared to the last few days. The set tasks will follow in due course when the boys are finished doing their maps etc.

Tonight is also the final party night and Ben and I have been asked to do the music and get the party going. Everyone seems to think we are always the centre for any mischief, like the other day when someone was messing around on the radio with music, they came straight to us. Have no idea why? But Ben and I have had previous success with some of the evenings here at Musbach so Axel must feel comfortable that tonight is going to be a good evening.

All I do know is that people who have finished or are currently reading Events Management at Uni, probably an old Poli, have no hope. Any old person can put on events. But I digress.

Anyway, here is the video from yesterday from Hubi.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

All back

All the boys are back, I think Tom is currently 2nd for the day. Here's the link to scores again

1F smoked the airfield so hopefully he'll get a penalty as he's above out guys

All launched

Everyone is in the air, Standard's start line is open and club class opens in 20 minutes

Grid update

So currently we are waiting for the air to become more unstable and the launch has been put back to 1400. As for the club class they are still thinking of launching them but after the standards.

Temperature is hot and I'm off to go swimming.

Club class being pushed off!

Just heard over the radio that the Club class are being pushed off the grid. I suspect that they will be launching the Standards only. Time to go help them push.

Great night ends in Benny wetting himself

Last night was amazing, especially the beginning part where everyone brought their BBQ's to the front of the hangar and cooked together, which Ben has already highlighted. So here's a photo.

Cracking night!
I especially felt really happy when everyone was telling me what a good idea it was and what a good time they were having. So yeh, it was a success. This also enabled us to have all beers paid for, which in some cases was a bad idea....

Considering Ben has only just updated the blog he cunningly left out quite an important part. He woke up in a pool of his own urine. Some how he even managed to get his pillows wet. Is that even possible?
He is currently drying his airbed and bedding whilst waiting for the washing machine to be ready.
Again here's a photo we even have a potty for him now.

Potty needed for Ben

JUST IN: First launch not til 13:00 and someone is playing tunes over the radio station. Why is it always Top Gun?

Ben and Ali night

So last night ended up going really well. After some technical difficulties with the karaoke the internet decided to work and then everything went well. We moved stuff on to the next bar and even managed to clean the Swiss BBQ and return it before getting too drunk.
It was one of the better nights here, partly because me and Ali organised it, and partly because I only bought 3 drinks.

First launch this morning is not before 12:30, with standards on an AAT with minimum distance of 110.9km, max distance 293.2km and a time of 2 hours. Clubs are on pretty much the same task but with 2 1/2 hours.

We'll put some pictures up later but I don't have the lead with me at the moment

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ben and Ali night

Was a success! We sat outside with a BBQ on our own, but then the whole campsite joined in and it was amazing. Karaoke was shit at first as the internet broke, but once we got it sorted it was amazing. I'm currently sweating a lot after performing a sexual version of Britney Spears, and we're taking the party next door to avoid the noise curfew. Update in the morning!

BAli night has begun!

So all our boys are back and Ben and I have started the evening to end all evenings. We have been through the camp site making sure everyone knows when to come and to check up on those who said they had BBQ's to lend for the evening.

I have acquired paper plates off the lovely staff here, as well as plastic knifes and forks, so everyone should be able to eat off something. Music is on and there is already more than one person in front of the hangar.
We would like to thank in advance Kathy, aka Captain America, for her music that we will be sampling tonight and for Oli in the bar for his karaoke gear.

I'm off to go back to the party but its already looking promising. If I organise more events like this I could be more famous than Burt Reynolds.

Keep you posted.

All back

Everyone's back and it is now scorching hot. Might not even need the BBq's for tonight, just cook the meat on the paving...

Here's the video you've all been waiting for


1st finisher has just called 10km so hopefully our boys will be back soon

Savage mouse attack!

Just in! Mumsie has just been bitten by an ill-tempered, mutated field mouse. This savage attack has been likened to an unprovoked rodent Blitzkrieg. (Did I spell that right Don?)

The dress

Although lots of photos were taken of me in the german dress, the only ones I can find for the time being are from the German blog so here they are. Also todays video has a fair amount of me dancing so when it's up on youtube I'll post a link to it. The dress belongs to the girl in the 2nd photo, and as you can see I think I might be one or two dress sizes bigger, so it was tight like a tiger

The Money Shot

 Telling her how big it is...

All launched

Clubs are on a 235km racing task, standards are on a 278km racing task. Hopefully we'll actually have some finishers today. British guys were front of club class this morning so got a nice photo of the grid.

Australia Night

Well Australia night was kind of ruined by everyone landing out and getting back so late, but we still had a good time and made sure Mini Possom had his fair share of drinks. Post chunder he kept telling me and Chris how nice we were for looking after him etc, forgetting that it was us who got him to that state in the first place.... Anyway he seemed to have a good night and so did we so all is good.
Tonight is Ben and Ali (Bali) night which we didn't really expect to take off, but from what we heard last night it could be a big one.... We'd kind of forgotten about it but last night people were going to bed early in preparation for tonight, telling us what a big night it's going to be and how they'd already bought their BBQ food etc. Looks like we need to do some planning tonight as we have done nothing so far. We're also going to have to make sure that anything that happens after the 11pm noise curfew is not our fault. Speech time in briefing I think.
We also found out that we are now officially international superstars after Uli Schwenk's son, who arrived yesterday, came up to me at the bar, pointed and said "you're Ben aren't you?". He then went on to tell me that he'd heard of me and Ali as we were the "crazy party guys". Reputation achieved!

Chris's bikini line

 Chris looking patriotic for the Aussies

 Me, Chris and Mini Possom

 Just before birthday schnapps

 Mini Possom and Chris post chunder

1000 views in a day!

So yesterday we had over 1000 hits on the blog which was pretty amazing. I would personally like to thank all of our sponsors and all of those here on the campsite and abroad who are following us.
"Boys this shit is tight. This is the best blog I've ever read. You make me complete!" (Gough. C, Canadian Team Captain, 2011)
"Wow this blog is crazy cool. It is in no way over the line as I have managed to read the clearly pointed out 'unofficial' part of the title. If I could write something this amazing I could die a happy man" (Davis. M, Future Doppel World Champion, All Round Great Guy, 2011)*

*Some of these quotes may be enitrely fictitious, but I'm fairly sure this is what they'd say if we asked them

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Oh the joys of an empty airfield....

Seeing as pretty much everyone landed out the airfield is very empty. I'm currently sitting on my own having a beer waiting for anybody to turn up so I can do something. Just spoke to Johnno who's still got to go and have dinner before bringing back mini possom for some 18th birthday loving

Land outs

Just got back from a bit of a nightmare retrieve for Luke. Trying to get the trailer into the field his turbo hose broke so he had to botch some repairs on the car, and then the field was knee high stubble but really thick so I now have lots cuts on my legs and hands.
Driving back we saw Ali and Coxy on their way out to get Matt and from what I can tell all our guys have landed out but I'm not entirely sure. All of the club class field landed out.

Go to for results

My side of the story

It started with us going back to yesterday before we went and played mini-golf next to the Australians house. Due to the fact that Andy was being annoying we decided the best course of action was to throw him in the Swiss Pool. I'm beginning to think the Swiss are having regrets bringing it.

Andy and his man handlers

 The splash

Andy and Benny lapping up the moment

 At the Mini golf Oli found his quiet place.

Ben Teeing off

Once we became bored of the invisible golf we found the childrens playground. Ben turned into Peado mode and found it hilarious to swing in the toddlers swing. Hence below.

 Ben in the kiddie swing

Andy in his new home

So after the golf etc we went back to chez Mad dog and watched some rubbish American programmes (How I met your Mother) and I was so tired that I was sent to bed by Andy picking me up and carrying me to his bed. I awoke 2 hours later with Chris, Canadian Team captain, naked cuddling me and the Mad dogs videoing it all. Brilliant! We then left to go to the International evening, we being me and the Aussies/ Canadians, and I was wearing the Aussie team shirt underneath my Brit jacket. It didn't take long before I whipped it out and caused a mini riot. I think it was this that stared the impressive shirt swapping as others were jealous.

I can't remember whether Ben informed you but shortly after arriving last night Axel, the Director, wanted me to be the DJ with some of my cheesy 80's classics. This was accompanied by gliding videos that Chopper was putting on the main projector so that was cool. Although apparently we had some complaints from some senior members of the organisation because it was thought that it may have encouraged lower finishes.
After playing music for 5 hours Some of the more drunk people, i.e. the French, started to become slightly rowdy and one decided he wanted t fight me. Apparently he didn't speak or understand my English because he was French, meanwhile he had been saying all of this in perfect English. What a dick. Anyway, I cant go on as there hasn't been any complaint made officially yet but will update you.

There were also some antics with certain foreigners again but I can definitely not write about those, although most people on site already know. All I can say is that being given a present from Daddy Davis as a pack of condoms gives it away a bit. And no Mum, I'm not going to be a Dad any time soon.

Last night

Last night was amazing - lots of free food and alcohol, although some of the alcohol was fairly disgusting (salty sambuca from Finland for example) but everyone had a good time.
There was a lot of shirt swapping so I'm currently wearing Mad Dog's Australia shirt which I want to keep, but I gave him my jacket which is worth more so I'm going to have to give it back
The Austrian team, who were happy with their spot at the bottom of the campsite away from the noise, came back to their tents underwater so they've had to dig a trench and cover the area in hay to stop it from flooding
The german girls, who are all skinny, have some lovely tight fitting german flag dresses which I was sporting on the grid today, so I imagine there will be some pictures of me soon which don't leave much to the imagination.
Today is unofficial Australia day for mini possom's 18th birthday so he may well die tonight, or he may have the best night of his life as he's been putting in the ground work with two blonde twins who are coming back tonight just for his birthday....
Anyway I'll let Ali tell some stories but here are some pictures until then

Us in Australia shirts

Austrian trench
 Flooded Austrian camp

 Hay lined Austrian camp

 Austrian moustaches

 Austrlians looking sexy

Sorry about the delay peeps

The internet is so bad so there has been little opportunity to update the blog so apologies for that. Just launched our club class boys off on a racing task.... same old same old for turn points. We have plenty of photos to upload from yesterday and last night as well as plenty of comedy stories to tell, so stay tuned as we have to go launch the standards.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Ali has been outdone

Erich has grown a better comedy tache, and I think it's worthy of the blog

Picture time

We've got back to the airfield and set up the tables for tonight - we've also managed to get a British Gliding Team sticker up onto the rafter above the briefing stage taking the approach 'if you look confident, no-one will question what you're doing'.
Anyway here are some pictures from our round of air mini golf

Mad Pup teeing off

 The boys 'looking golfy'

 Top of the slide

 Johnno's artwork

 Happy Faces

 The sticker

 Outside chez Mad Dog

 Ali finally got inside something....

 The child swing

 Happiest. Man. Ever!

 Extreme sliding

International Evening

It's international evening tonight so apparently we'll be giving out scones, cucumber sandwiches and pimms. Currently chilling at the mad dog's house after trying to play mini golf - it was closed so we ended up playig in the park where I got slightly stuck in a kids swing. We'll put pictures up when we get home.
Should be a good few nights as the Americans are getting a bonfire and marshmallows for tonight, it's unofficial Australia day tomorrow for one of their birthdays so we're having a board short and bikini (tops optional) party and borrowing the Swiss pool. Then on Wednesday it's the epic 'Ben and Ali night'. This could be bad for our livers, but we aren't quite as bad as one guy here who two weeks ago drank so much vodka at a comp that he got gout!


Day has been scrubbed and we've just had a presentation about the 2013 JWGC in Poland where me and Ali are crewing for Australia, and Ali is trying to become team captain. This means you can all spend 2 years eagerly awaiting another sexual blog

Morning all

So you've had Ali's update, now it's time for mine. After getting back from slurry field we headed straight to the bar, and after having only eaten a small thing of chips all day decided that watered down broccoli soup was a good idea......
I think the bar was fun but to be honest I'd be lying if I said I remembered any of it in enough detail to write about. Axel (comp director) has asked me and Ali to DJ at the final party so we are now going to be world famous DJ's! He may well regret giving us any form of responsibility.
We've also been made Uncle Ben and Auntie Ali for Verity Hood who got here yesterday, so we are now crew, childminders, DJ's, masters of ceremony and generally all round amazing people!

Picture time

Aussie glider after Operation Overlord

 Under the Aussie wing yesterday

 Still under the wing

 Auntie Ali

Ben's Man crush

Not that it's obvious but Ben wants to be Nick Maddocks. 
Apparently it's his glasses, you have to ask Ben.


Today there is basically 100% chance of precipitation. Briefing is at12.

With regards to last nights antics I obviously cant go into details as mother reads this blog but it started with us setting the party going with putting my laptop through the main speakers in the hanger and got the party in there until 2300 when we moved into the bar as is the routine now.
It doesn't help when all one eats for dinner is curry sausage and soup. No wonder I was battered...again.
I also recall scaring the annoying little German twat who works on site as he has been calling me gay for the last week so I thought it was appropriate to say to his face in front of everyone that if he calls it me again I'm going to smack him one, with obviously a little more aggression than I normally carry. And to my surprise he actually looked scared. Ha!

We are currently listening to music in chez BAli (the tent), bit of ABBA I think.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Long update part 1 of flying day 4

The shinternet has returned and we had to go on retrieve so apologies for lack of updates.
All the boys landed out and I have a few photos of Willy's land out with a Polski man.

 Willy's Landing spot

 Willy pulling on the glider

 The tyre!

Ben and Coxy had to go get Tom from a field of dried pig slurry which smelt by all accounts like pig slurry but pictures will follow.

Certain masked men also carried out Operation Overlord Pt 2 taking part in the landings of stickers on foreign aircraft's. The best received was by the Aussies.

Mad pup's tailplane