Monday, 15 August 2011

Morning all

So you've had Ali's update, now it's time for mine. After getting back from slurry field we headed straight to the bar, and after having only eaten a small thing of chips all day decided that watered down broccoli soup was a good idea......
I think the bar was fun but to be honest I'd be lying if I said I remembered any of it in enough detail to write about. Axel (comp director) has asked me and Ali to DJ at the final party so we are now going to be world famous DJ's! He may well regret giving us any form of responsibility.
We've also been made Uncle Ben and Auntie Ali for Verity Hood who got here yesterday, so we are now crew, childminders, DJ's, masters of ceremony and generally all round amazing people!

Picture time

Aussie glider after Operation Overlord

 Under the Aussie wing yesterday

 Still under the wing

 Auntie Ali

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