Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Australia Night

Well Australia night was kind of ruined by everyone landing out and getting back so late, but we still had a good time and made sure Mini Possom had his fair share of drinks. Post chunder he kept telling me and Chris how nice we were for looking after him etc, forgetting that it was us who got him to that state in the first place.... Anyway he seemed to have a good night and so did we so all is good.
Tonight is Ben and Ali (Bali) night which we didn't really expect to take off, but from what we heard last night it could be a big one.... We'd kind of forgotten about it but last night people were going to bed early in preparation for tonight, telling us what a big night it's going to be and how they'd already bought their BBQ food etc. Looks like we need to do some planning tonight as we have done nothing so far. We're also going to have to make sure that anything that happens after the 11pm noise curfew is not our fault. Speech time in briefing I think.
We also found out that we are now officially international superstars after Uli Schwenk's son, who arrived yesterday, came up to me at the bar, pointed and said "you're Ben aren't you?". He then went on to tell me that he'd heard of me and Ali as we were the "crazy party guys". Reputation achieved!

Chris's bikini line

 Chris looking patriotic for the Aussies

 Me, Chris and Mini Possom

 Just before birthday schnapps

 Mini Possom and Chris post chunder

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