Monday, 15 August 2011


Today there is basically 100% chance of precipitation. Briefing is at12.

With regards to last nights antics I obviously cant go into details as mother reads this blog but it started with us setting the party going with putting my laptop through the main speakers in the hanger and got the party in there until 2300 when we moved into the bar as is the routine now.
It doesn't help when all one eats for dinner is curry sausage and soup. No wonder I was battered...again.
I also recall scaring the annoying little German twat who works on site as he has been calling me gay for the last week so I thought it was appropriate to say to his face in front of everyone that if he calls it me again I'm going to smack him one, with obviously a little more aggression than I normally carry. And to my surprise he actually looked scared. Ha!

We are currently listening to music in chez BAli (the tent), bit of ABBA I think.

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