Saturday, 13 August 2011

Launch update and public speaking!

Just finished briefing and first possible launch is at 13:15.

Also I would like to highlight to everyone reading this blog, who is not at the competition, that you are going to miss out next Wednesday because Ben and I are hosting an evening, or as Axel called us the 'Masters of Ceremony’s' of which we had to go up in front of everyone during the briefing and tell everyone about the event. Ben gave some valid inputs, 'Hi'.

So the plan is for everyone to bring their own bbq’s to the front of the hangar and bring their own food and alcohol and have a massive mutual bbq. Considering everyone will be leaving a few days afterwards I thought it would be a really nice way of getting to speak to a load of people from countries that are, how do I put it, a little shyer than us Brits. Well, Ben and I anyway.

A really good way of hosting an evening but not paying fr anything. This will be followed by some outrageously incredible karaoke and an air guitar competition of which I am currently the reigning Junior World Gliding Air Guitar Champion. So watch out people!

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