Wednesday, 17 August 2011

BAli night has begun!

So all our boys are back and Ben and I have started the evening to end all evenings. We have been through the camp site making sure everyone knows when to come and to check up on those who said they had BBQ's to lend for the evening.

I have acquired paper plates off the lovely staff here, as well as plastic knifes and forks, so everyone should be able to eat off something. Music is on and there is already more than one person in front of the hangar.
We would like to thank in advance Kathy, aka Captain America, for her music that we will be sampling tonight and for Oli in the bar for his karaoke gear.

I'm off to go back to the party but its already looking promising. If I organise more events like this I could be more famous than Burt Reynolds.

Keep you posted.

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