Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates - we ended up having dinner with the Austrians then going to the bar for "just one or two" and getting back in at about half past 3 after a lot of beer, vodka and schnapps.
They've just launched with 320km for the standards and 270km for club class - apparently they've just turned the first turn.
The weather looks pretty good as you'll be able to see when I upload some photos, so hopefully we won't have to go on a retrieve as some of the fields here look like they could be pretty hard to get a trailer into.
A couple of the guys have trackers in their gliders today so you can see how they're doing at I can't tell you if they have names on it or not as there's so much glare on my screen I can't read it.
It's the first international evening tonight and apparently the Germans are bringing a brewery into the hangar and serving lots of sausage so it should be fun.
Just heard on the radio someones in a 10 knot climb so sounds like it's going alright

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