Monday, 8 August 2011

The Snorlax has returned! Aka Benny

So I'm writing this whilst Ben sleeps next to me. Luckily we get Wi-fi from inside the tent as its raining atm but now Ben has bought a new air bed he is within arms distance of me which I'm sure will come in handy on those cold sleepless nights...

Last night I thought I would get an early one as I still wasn't feeling great from the opening ceremony and by early I mean twelve and not 3. However, I was awoken by Ben and Coxy when they came back to the tents 'trying' to be quiet at 2:30am. Following this Ben and I spoke until about 4 when he finally passed out. I could smell alcohol before he had even got in the tent, drinking games with the Dutch apparently, anyway the point of this is we are meant to be at the gliders this morning at 9ish and as soon as Ben passed out the Snorlax came out meaning that I couldn't sleep. Role on rigging!

And Matts here now.

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