Thursday, 11 August 2011

Interesting day today.....

The day started with us snacking on some week old sausage that had been in our hot box (it's meant to be a cool box, but it's normally hotter than outside). Let's just say constipation isn't a problem anymore.....
Grid squatted all day in the sun before coming back to celebrate Matt's 21st. We decorated the campsite and ate a huuuuuge black forest gateau. Matt was then dumped in the Swiss swimming pool, pushed me in too and then Ali decided it would be a good idea to swan dive into a foot of water.
The Aussies let us go back to theirs to wash and dry our clothes and watch a film, so we've just got back and cooked some dinner and now need to decide what to do

'Road' from the Canadian team captain's detour

 Matt's birthday

Newly invented game "Strip Catch"

 Ali 'Gateau-face' Bridges

Just before you judge me, I was drunk and the rules stated that if you lost at table football you had to go under the table naked. I lost!


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