Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Last night

Last night was amazing - lots of free food and alcohol, although some of the alcohol was fairly disgusting (salty sambuca from Finland for example) but everyone had a good time.
There was a lot of shirt swapping so I'm currently wearing Mad Dog's Australia shirt which I want to keep, but I gave him my jacket which is worth more so I'm going to have to give it back
The Austrian team, who were happy with their spot at the bottom of the campsite away from the noise, came back to their tents underwater so they've had to dig a trench and cover the area in hay to stop it from flooding
The german girls, who are all skinny, have some lovely tight fitting german flag dresses which I was sporting on the grid today, so I imagine there will be some pictures of me soon which don't leave much to the imagination.
Today is unofficial Australia day for mini possom's 18th birthday so he may well die tonight, or he may have the best night of his life as he's been putting in the ground work with two blonde twins who are coming back tonight just for his birthday....
Anyway I'll let Ali tell some stories but here are some pictures until then

Us in Australia shirts

Austrian trench
 Flooded Austrian camp

 Hay lined Austrian camp

 Austrian moustaches

 Austrlians looking sexy

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