Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ben and Ali’s Honeymoon period thus far

So Ben and I have been on our honeymoon for a day now. The purpose of this is that we were meant to go off to Ben’s mate’s house somewhere in Southern Germany but instead we just stayed on the airfield. Therefore Ben und I have decided that for the next 2 days we are not crewing but taking back seat. The possibility is there to do anything. Long walks in the park, skinny dipping in lakes, hunting wild boar in the Black Forest….. but I’m guessing it’s more than likely we will stay on the airfield.
Last night we had dinner at chez Maddog, which was lovely, after I invited Ben and I round and usual they were more than happy to have us. Then we got back and my evening detoxing off alcohol didn’t last long, again.
However, even after playing Uno, I was sober enough not to be a dick like one of the Belgian guys who was so drunk he smashed his head on the floor and cut it open. Therefore ‘First Aid Ali’ came to the rescue and to cut a long story short we nearly had to go to hospital ensuring that my night of many antics with a certain foreign girl was going to be cut short, hence the bitterness.
What’s worse is that we didn’t go to hospital in the end and certain people just went to bed afterwards. Damn it woman don’t you realise I want to plough you!

So now I'm still in bed next to hungover Snorlax, who's farting his head off with his knee up so it wafts out. Lovely!

No update on anything Glider related as I haven't spoken to the British Team yet who are outside. Will keep you posted.

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